ARB commercial bull bars and winch bars are a cost effective alternative to deluxe bull bars, offering a comparable level of vehicle protection.

Incorporating many of the strength related features of a deluxe bull bar, commercial bars provide considerable frontal protection but achieve cost savings through a simplified manufacturing process.

Commercial bars are frequently specified by government and fleet operators – organisations that demand strong and functional equipment but are willing to go without some of the aesthetic characteristics.

Please note: certain models may not incorporate all of the specific features.


commercial bumper interactive

Recessed Indicators

Recessed indicators for protection against road debris.

Recessed Indicators

Recessed indicators for protection against road debris.

Steel Tube

76.1mm steel center frame tube and 47.6mm outer frame tube for added strength.

Driving Light Provision

Secure mounting points ideal for IPF or ARB Intensity Driving Lights.

Jacking Points

Some Commercial bull bars feature jacking points, allowing a jack to be attached directly to the bull bar (not shown).

Electric Winch Provision

Some Commercial bull bars are available with electric winch provision, and have been specifically designed to accommodate the stresses of winching.

Split-Pan Design

ARB’s Engineers give careful consideration to maintaining sufficient air flow to the vehicle’s radiator. Utilizing a split-pan system, ARB’s bull bar design ensures the radiator receives a massive amount of air flow and actually further increases the strength of the bull bar.

Secure Mounting

The mounting system is a vital part of any ARB bull bar design. ARB’s mounting systems are specifically engineered to spread impact and winching loads evenly over the vehicle’s chassis. This ensures the bull bar functions properly in extreme conditions.

CB Antenna Brackets

Some ARB Commercial bull bars incorporate CB antenna brackets welded behind the top cross tube.

Wing Design

The furthest most point from the chassis and often the point of impact in an animal strike, the wing area is by far the most vulnerable. ARB pioneered the five-fold upswept and tapered wing design, which provides an enormous amount of strength and maintains an optimum approach angle.