Great-looking and comfortable with the added bonus of functionality, ARB’s new Seat Cover range will give you peace of mind whilst taking on your day-to-day life.

Available in both Neoprene and Canvas materials, these vehicle specific covers will fit snug to your seats and protect them from spills and any debris you bring in.

Designed to last, these covers are UV protected for everyday wear, whilst also being compatible with the vehicle’s seat heating and airbags (ADR compliant) to ensure normal seat functionality.




  • Vehicle specific design means fitting to the seat like a glove, and easy DIY fitting.
  • Naturally soft, neoprene gives you extra padding so you stay comfortable on long trips. Highly durable, non-flammable material.
  • Water resistant to hinder moisture build-up.
  • UV protected, for cooler seats in summer and warmer seats in winter.
  • Machine washable and designed to be easy to keep clean, providing ease of mind when washing.
  • Airbag compatible and ADR compliant, and compatibility with seat heating.


  • The 14 oz grey canvas is 100% waterproof and resistant to rot and mildew, providing extremely tough and durable protection.
  • Premium foam cushioning on seat base, back, centre console cover and headrest touchpoints.
  • Vehicle specific design means fitting to the seat like a glove, and easy DIY fitting.
  • Machine washable and designed to be easy to keep clean, providing ease of mind when washing.
  • Airbag compatible and ADR compliant, and compatibility with seat heating.


Expertly designed to catch and hold debris, ARB Floor Mats are a waterproof solution that includes secure foot placement and a snug fit to cover all areas of your OE footwells and even utilise the vehicles retention clips where applicable.

The moulded deep-dish design makes them easy to clean- simply wipe or hose off any debris, dry and then place back in the vehicle ready for the next adventure.

The thermoplastic elastomer material provides an odourless solution which has seamless edging to provide secure grip and protection across all of your typical high impact carpeted surfaces.



  • Vehicle and model specific
  • 100% waterproof and simple to clean
  • 3D moulded to each vehicle for a perfect fit every time with elevated edges to retain debris
  • Made from thermoplastic elastomers that provide all the benefits of rubber without the odour
  • Unique surface texture designed and moulded for a secure grip over the entire surface
  • Seamless edging to integrate with vehicle’s interior
  • Compatible with OEM safety retention clips
  • Engineered debris channels that disperse debris towards catchment zones
  • Includes one driver mat, one passenger mat and one set of rear mats or a full single rear mat depending on vehicle


With ARB’s DVR Reverse Camera Mirror, you’ll have the extra safety and convenience of a reversing camera without the need to clutter your cabin with additional monitors and gadgets.
This handy and compact kit features a 9.66″ touch-controlled display discreetly positioned within the rear-view mirror offering the HD view from the 1080p front and rear cameras to help you navigate even the trickiest of manoeuvres – whether it’s backing into a tight parking spot, launching a boat, or hitching a trailer or caravan.

Plus, with the RoadCam app (available for iOS and Android) and Wi-Fi connection, you can view and download captured video files straight to your mobile device!


• Rear-view mirror with 1080p front camera

• 1080p rear camera

• Wiring harnesses

• 64GB micro SD card

• Installation accessories

• User & Installation manual

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  • 9.66″ full display screen with touch control
  • 1080p adjustable front and rear recording dash cameras
  • Front camera: 140° field of vision
  • Rear camera: 120° field of vision
  • Inbuilt g-sensor automatically saves video from the front dash camera when large changes in acceleration or gravity are detected (i.e. in the event of an accident)
  • Optional mount for 70 series models
  • Front camera auto-records for 30 seconds if movement is detected when vehicle is parked
  • Night mode increases sensitivity of the camera lens to take brighter, more high quality video
  • Additional settings: camera exposure, sound recording, camera flicker, volume, power saving mode and clock
  • 8 built-in languages


Perfect for a 4×4, family vehicle, boat, motorcycle, used car yard or ride-on lawnmower, the lithium powered ARB Jump Starter has plenty of power to start a 12V vehicle with engine capacity up to 5L V8 Diesel or 6L petrol.
Thanks to intelligent sensing and charging technology, when charging the jump starter from either the included AC or DC chargers, the inbuilt sensors prevent overcharging or undercharging of the lithium battery. When the time arrives to use the jump starter on a vehicle, the intelligent heavy-duty jump cables monitor battery voltage, polarity and charge condition alerting the user via a series of LED lamps to any potential installation problems.

Read more about it in 4×4 Culture Magazine.


  • Safely starts 12V vehicles, up to 5L V8 Diesel or 6L petrol engines.
  • 500CCA Continuous & 1000CCA Boost.
  • Power to jump start up to 20 times on full charge, relevant to engine size.
  • Heavy duty, high amperage spring loaded clamps.
  • Intelligent jump cables with boost function, reverse polarity and spark protection.
  • Inbuilt smart charger prevents overcharging and excess discharging.
  • 12V Cig socket to power devices such as lighting or depth sounder (Not suitable for compressor fridge)
  • 2x USB ports for charging electronic apparatus’.
  • Smart USB cable, capable of charging either a micro or lightning USB smartphone.
  • 100 Lumen inbuilt flashlight with 4 modes (high, strobe, SOS off).
  • 240Vac and 12Vdc charges included.
  • Convenient, sturdy and compact EVA nylon storage case.