Limitless control over your driving lights.

The ARB Intensity IQ driving lights have been developed from the ground up, with performance front of mind, while delivering a design that complements modern vehicle styling and bumper designs. With a subtle introduction of ARB red within the light, the free-form clear front lens, bezel-less design and CNC machined ARB logo provide a modern, classy and premium new look. Packed with unique features, the Intensity IQ sets a new level of driving light design and usability.

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A unique four-optic design (Super Spot, Spot, Flood and Midrange) is employed to provide virtually an unlimited choice of light beams to suit any road condition.

The Super Spot and Spot optic, based on free-form reflector technology, produce an even spot beam for extended distance illumination.

The Flood optic has a specially designed lens to maximize the light spread for excellent foreground visibility.

The Midrange optic employs a conventional parabolic reflector to illuminate the midrange area.

Super Spot

Comprised of 4 x Cree XP-P LEDs engineered to provide the furthest projection of light.


Designed with 2 x Cree XM-L3 and 3 x XP-P LEDs to provide a broader, yet focused beam of light.


The Flood is made up of 18 x Cree XT-E LEDs, providing optimum peripheral illumination.


Contains 4 x Cree XM-L3 LEDs, giving a balance between distance and spread.

Intensity IQ Specifications


To accompany the revolutionary Intensity IQ light, ARB have developed a physical switch controller that is equally as intuitive.

Have access to up to eight different preset configurations at the click of a button, instantly changing the Intensity IQ to your needs. The Intensity IQ controller unlocks a world of possibilities when exploring, presenting premium easy to use tool that will give you choice at the click of a button.

The Intensity IQ control sports a design that is both ergonomic and practical, with users being able to feel and adjust rather than relying on seeing the device itself. The quick select buttons have a definitive edge and when mounted in a hidden position and in the correct orientation, allowing for a quick and easy selection with a positive switching feel.


ARB Intensity IQ App

Total control in the palm of your hands

Finding the right balance of lighting when tackling not only tracks, but also country roads can be challenging. ARB have taken this into account when designing the ARB Intensity IQ app, which allows users to  control and set from the thousands of light combinations available with the ARB Intensity IQ lights- straight from your mobile device!

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Compatible with your ARB Intensity IQ lights, the ARB Intensity IQ app allows users to control each of the four specific light zones and set them to any of the 20 levels available.

How it works

The ARB Intensity IQ app ensures users have the ultimate level of control over the revolutionary ARB Intensity IQ lights. Empowering users to control the brightness levels of each segment (super spot, spot, flood and midrange) from the 20 different levels of light, presents thousands of different combinations to set the perfect illumination for your adventures.

View all features available on the app in the expandable table below!

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