With a unique mix of LED reflector technology and an Optical Hybrid Projection system (OHPS), the IPF Super Rally 950 series driving lights create a crisp white light that provides wide and long range light in one system.


801 & 901 Xtreme Sport Series

Designed for serious off-roaders, these extreme performance lights incorporate water and dust resistant components for maximum life expectancy, no matter what the conditions.


900 High Intensity Discharge Series

The 900XS HID series utilizes the very latest High Intensity Discharge technology to produce a natural light looking light.


800 & 900 Series

The 800 and 900 series combine brilliant optics and superb structural integrity, resulting in an outstanding light that is ideally suited to off-road conditions.


930 Super Rally

Designed for events such as the World Rally Championships, the superior performance of the 930 series has made this light an obvious choice for competition use.


900 Xtreme LED Sport Series 2

Tough and lightweight, the new IPF Xtreme LED Sports 900XLS Series 2 lights feature high transparency, reinforced polycarbonate lenses for superior quality. With advanced heatproof reflectors, these extreme performance lights also incorporate water and dust-resistant components for all off-road conditions.


868 & 968 Series

Representing excellent quality and performance at a budget price, these lights feature a hybrid reflector, giving a combined spot and driving beam.


840 Series Fog Lights

Purpose built for foggy conditions or foul weather, the 840 Series fog lights should be mounted down low for optimum performance.


IPF Complete Light Kit

Lights, covers, wiring loom, hardware and switch are all included for convenient DIY installation. In most cases, either a spot or driving beam can be selected. The spot beam provides long, narrow light penetration whereas the driving beam gives better lateral spread. Depending on your driving conditions, you can opt for two driving lights, two spots, or one of each.