Cargo Barriers

In the event of emergency braking or a collision, the effects of having unrestrained cargo thrown forward can be catastrophic. For this reason, a cargo barrier is an essential piece of equipment in any vehicle.

The wilderness Cargo Barriers provide vehicle occupants with a massive amount of protection from cargo items in case of an accident. Once the initial installation is complete, the cargo barrier can easily be removed if needed. Furthermore, many vehicles can have multi position fittings installed, enabling the barrier to be repositioned behind the various seats in multi row vehicles.

Rear Rack and Divider

A great way to separate a fridge freezer from heavy or damaging items or simply to create more storage options within the vehicle. The divider and top shelf integrates quickly with an existing Outback Solutions half cargo barrier, mounted to an Outback Solutions drawer module. For flexibility, the divider and shelf can be removed should the need arise.