Camping & Touring

There’s no better feeling than escaping the 9 to 5 by hitting the tracks and experiencing the freedom of the ‘great outdoors’, and to add to the creature comforts of fresh air and a crackling fire, ARB has a wide range of camping essentials and touring gear available.

From portable fridge freezers to help keep the drinks cold and camping chairs for those moments when it’s time to relax, to lighting solutions that’ll brighten your space well after the sun has set – we’ve got you covered.

Fire Pit

No matter if it’s for camp cooking, keeping warm or even entertaining guests in the backyard, ARB’s Fire Pit is Australian made and constructed from BlueScope’s weathering REDCOR® steel to offer a seriously sturdy and versatile solution when it comes to portable campfire setups.


Fridge Freezers

Engineered in Australia to handle our extreme conditions, ARB Fridge Freezers offer uncompromising performance with a temperature range from 0 degrees to + 50 degrees fahrenheit, giving you the convenience of refrigerated or frozen food and drinks no matter where your journey takes you.


Cargo Bags

Stylish in design, ARB’s Storm Bags come in three sizes and feature PU coated Oxford weave fabric and rubber construction, with all seams heat sealed and taped to ensure storm proofing.


ARB Camp Chairs

ARB’s camping chairs have a host of features, including a padded seat and backrest, convenient drink holder table, side pocket with Velcro flap for your keys, wallet or other small items, and a mesh magazine pocket on the rear of the backrest.



No matter where your next adventure takes you, an important piece of kit is a versatile camp light. When the twilight sky fades to blackness, no matter if you’re needing a little extra illumination around the campsite, swag or even on your boat – ARB has a range of lighting solutions to keep your space bright and ensure your adventure continues in the darkest of conditions.


Handy for when you need extra lighting to help illuminate dark areas or your camp set-up at night, the Horizon Area Light features a magnetic swivel mounting base with rubber feet making it easy to direct the high-powered COB LED flood light beam right where it’s needed.


  • 4000mAh @ 5V powerbank
  • 7V Li-Ion battery
  • 1000/2000 lumens
  • High-powered COB LED flood light beam
  • High-pressure diecast aluminium body
  • 2-4 hour run time on battery (high to low)
  • Charge and run the Horizon Area Light at the same time with AC/DC smart chargers
  • 8.4V 2.4A charger – fast AC/DC charger included
  • IP67 water and dust resistant
  • Magnetic swivel mounting base with rubber feet
  • CE, FCC, RCM, RoHS, BC & PROP 65 approved and meets or exceeds standards required


The perfect companion for when you’re working in a dim space or even under the hood, the Horizon Work Light features a wireless charging base with rare built-in earth magnet and touch-tape straps, making it easy to conveniently attach it to metal and other surfaces to keep the light in place.


  • 3200mAh @5V powerbank Li-Ion battery
  • Large COB work light: 50-500Lm (front light)
  • Flashlight: 150Lm (top light)
  • Digital smooth dimming control work light
  • Dual function switch: battery indicator/power on
  • Aluminium extruded body
  • Magnetic mounting and hooks
  • 2-20 hour run time (high to low)
  • IP54 water and dust resistant
  • QI certified wireless charging base
  • Magnetic attachments for mounting and charging
  • Touch tape fasteners for additional securing
  • CE, FCC, CM, RoHS, BC & PROP 65 approved and meets or exceeds standards required


The perfect companion to light the way at night whether you’re navigating a dark track on foot or illuminating your tent, the ARB Horizon Flashlight’s inbuilt battery indicator helps make sure you don’t get caught out with flat batteries, while its ability to reverse charge your mobile phone makes it the perfect backup for unexpected times such as blackouts at home or emergencies in the outdoors.


  • 4000mAh @5V powerbank Li-Ion battery
  • Lumens: 60-600Lm
  • 180m beam distance @ 1 lux
  • Digital smooth dimming control
  • Recessed dual function switch (battery indicator/power on)
  • Coloured battery indicator
  • Aluminium extruded body
  • 2-20 hour run time (high to low)
  • Type C and type A braided cord
  • IP54 water and dust resistant
  • CE, FCC, RCM, RoHS, BC & PROP 65 approved and meets or exceeds standards required


No matter where your next adventure takes you, an important piece of kit is a versatile camp light.

Built with features such as dual magnetic and hook mounts, the ARB Adventure Light 600 can be easily attached to the body of a vehicle for trackside maintenance and repairs, or hung from an awning or tree to flood a camp area at meal time.

Rechargeable for use beyond the reach of power cords, the dust and water resistant durable rubber housing has an IP54 rating and includes an LCD battery capacity indicator to help calculate remaining run time. The Adventure Light incorporates a 5V USB charge port and can be recharged with either of the supplied 240Vac or 12V CIG adaptor leads

Features & Specifications


Featuring 800 lumens and a beam distance of up to 300m (984ft), the ARB Pureview 800 Flashlight is your go-to strong, bright and reliable light no matter if you’re changing a flat tyre at night or simply working under your bonnet.

With 4 different modes including high, medium-low and strobe, the Pureview 800 features a micro USB charge port with fast charge technology to the integrated LI-ION battery.  A magnetic belt pouch is included to keep the light and its accessories handy.


General Accessories

Toastie Brander

The ARB Toastie Brander is designed to make toasted sandwiches on the coals of an open fire or portable burner. Consisting of two cast iron plates, the handles are formed from Manchurian Ash timber. The Toastie Brander can cook a variety of sandwiches and as the name suggests, brands the ARB logo onto both sides of the sandwich.

Guy Rope Set

ARB’s Guy Ropes incorporate a spring loaded tensioning system that absorbs shock to the peg in windy conditions, helping to keep the guy rope taut, the peg firmly planted in the ground, and you resting easily.

Available in a two pack, the guy ropes feature reflective sections to aid visibility in low light.

Supergrip Sand Pegs

The ARB Supergrip Sand Pegs will allow you to secure your tent with greater confidence than traditional pegs; penetrating deeply to hold in surfaces including sand, soft soil and snow. The construction boasts an ergonomic head design for easy removal and the pegs come in high visibility orange.

Available in packs of four.