TO THE MAX – The new Isuzu D-Max

21st July, 2021
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TO THE MAX – The new Isuzu D-Max

The Isuzu D-MAX has come a long way since its inaugural launch in 2002, in styling, capabilities, features and popularity. The outgoing model, which has earned a strong following in the 4×4 fraternity, served a considerable eight years in the market and its departure marks the end of a long relationship with General Motors/Holden.

On the back of its small truck heritage, the Isuzu pick-up platform has become widely respected for its durability, towing capacity and all-round value for money. The new Isuzu D-MAX is a ground-up design and will share its future platform with Mazda’s BT-50. At ARB, we appreciate how important this model is to our customers and as such, no corners have been cut in ensuring the perfect range of 4×4 accessories are available to complement the vehicle for future owners.


ARB has recently launched a range of protective equipment to get our Isuzu customers on the tracks including the ARB Summit bar, Summit side rails and Summit side steps.

Did you know? The ARB Summit side rails for the D-MAX are tested to hold at least half the vehicle’s weight.

Additionally, an ARB Commercial bull bar is available and while development is ongoing for an ARB Rear Step Tow Bar offering.


When it comes to developing a bull bar, there are two key elements: style and safety. When choosing a new 4WD, safety features are amongst the most critically evaluated aspects of a vehicle, and so they should be; in the case of a major accident, they could well save you and your family’s life.

At ARB, our engineers take the same level of critical evaluation in the design of a bull bar to ensure that while performing its myriad of practical jobs, it also allows the vehicle to perform its highly engineered safety features. And one of the key components to maintaining the D-MAX’s safety standards is to ensure that the vehicle’s safety mechanisms react identically with an ARB bull bar as they would with a standard bumper. This is achieved by scientifically measuring the effects of a simulated real-world impact or collision on key areas of the vehicle. Every ARB bull bar includes a set of engineered and tested impact absorbers, which replicates the characteristics of the vehicle’s impact mechanics.

So first things first, you can rest assured that not only will your ARB Summit bull bar help protect key engine components from an animal strike (that otherwise might have left you stranded), in a more instantly traumatic experience, the ARB bull bar will not impede the vehicle’s accredited safety features.

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The ARB Summit bull bar isn’t just a bull bar, it’s a brand within itself that reflects strength, durability and great levels of practicality. To fit the new Isuzu D-MAX, a level of styling changes were made to accommodate the vehicle’s headlights and flares while great consideration is always given to chassis mounting and the aforementioned safety features.

The overall design of the ARB Summit bull bar, with its large radius pan and slightly upswept outer wings, provides great strength. Importantly, the bull bar’s depth not only increases its overall strength but also puts some valuable distance between your pride and joy and any animal or object that you may unfortunately hit. The 2021 Isuzu D-MAX Summit bull bar is also compatible with up to a 10,000-pound winch. The large diameter 60.3-millimetre tubes provide maximum coverage to protect your headlights as well as the upper components at the front of your engine bay.

All Summit bull bars are conditioned with an anti-rust primer and are available in either ARB matte black powder coat or can be colour coded to your vehicle.


There is much more work than what meets the eye when it comes to creating a recovery point for the new D-MAX. With a busy engine bay and not a great deal of chassis real estate, the ARB engineers were determined not to perform any additional drilling or create any additional holes in the vehicle’s chassis. As such, the Isuzu D-MAX recovery point is a unique long design, yet provides the level of assurance you would expect from an ARB recovery point. ARB has released left and right variants of the Isuzu D-MAX recovery point. Made from 20-millimetre 350MPa grade steel, these recovery points can be used independently, each rated to eight tonnes, up to the maximum turn angle of the front wheels.


The new ARB BASE Rack has received overwhelming support by 4WDers around the world and as such, it was a top priority to have a rack ready as soon as possible to suit the Isuzu D-MAX.

*Please check the current availability status with your ARB dealer.


The vehicle-specific BASE Cab Rack is supported on perfectly sculptured blade mounts running down the side of the vehicle. Height is key and the new BASE Rack will sit just 23-millimetres off the roof of the vehicle, with an overall added height of just 58-millimetres. Owners will be able to choose between running a wind deflector or the new ARB Roof Rack Light Bar, nicely underslung and tucked away.


Of course, those customers fitting out their D-MAX with an ARB canopyalso have the option to fit one of our BASE Canopy Racks.

Cover Up – Canopies and Sportlids

A completely new vehicle means a pick-up bed with all new dimensions. ARB has released a range of canopies and Sportlids to suit the Isuzu D-MAX. Classic and Classic Plus as well as Ascent canopy are already available for order. Alongside the canopies the new ARB Sportlid is a great alternative.

Did you know? All ARB Sportlids and canopies are manufactured in New Zealand in an ARB-owned plant. The shells are transported and then built to customer order from major cities including Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth.


In addition to the ARB canopy range, D-MAX owners can look to complete their tub with the ARB Sportguard, a best-in-class fitted internal tub protector with unmatched elements of anti-slip characteristics to keep your load where you left it! And as tailgates get bigger, they get heavier. ARB’s Tailgate Assist to suit the Isuzu D-MAX takes the weight out of the heavy falling tailgate and with its twin strut design will more than halve the effort of closing it.


The previous iteration of the D-MAX was well renowned as a great towing vehicle and anybody who knows anything about towing knows that extra weight on your tow ball can really disrupt the handling of your vehicle. ARB has gone to great lengths to ensure that a full gamut of suspension options is available to set your D-MAX up perfectly for your towing, touring or trade requirements.

Lift options of up to 40 millimetres front and rear are available as well as a range of additional components including extra leaves and greaseable pins and shackles. The previous D-MAX was one of the last vehicles of its allies to receive the option of BP-51 suspension and new customers will be excited to hear that the rebound and compression adjustable Old Man Emu BP-51 internal bypass shock absorbers are available for order immediately on the new model.


A solid performer and stalwart of the industry, ARB’s Old Man Emu Nitrocharger Sport twin tube shock absorbers have been retuned and re-valved to complement the new characteristics of the 2021 D-MAX.


Looking to make better use of all that tub space with some compartmentalisation? ARB’s range of Outback Solutions roller drawers – with and without roller floors – comes in a variety of heights with formfitting side floor kits. It’s the perfect location to install a dual battery or an on-board compressor or both!


  • ARB Under Vehicle Protection
  • ARB Frontier Fuel Tank
  • Safari Snorkel
  • Outback Roof Console

Under Development

While a lot of work has gone into the starting line-up of accessories for the Isuzu D-MAX, ARB continues to work on a range of accessories like the ARB Summit Rear Step Tow Bar.

Contact your local ARB dealer for pricing and availability.

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