2nd November, 2021
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RAISING THE BAR – The Updated ARB Intensity Light Bar


Your safety, and that of others, depends on the right lighting. ARB’s Intensity V2 LED Light Bars are top of the range. They’re high performance, engineered and designed in Australia to perform in the most extreme conditions and manufactured in the USA.

The new V2 Intensity LED Light Bar uses the same optimal chassis design of the previous light bar, yet it is what’s inside that counts. Incorporating the latest in LED technology using OSRAM GIANTS and advanced optics via the latest Hyperspot™ technology, the Intensity V2 Light Bar’s combo configuration drives light further down the road whilst spreading the light in front of the vehicle. This is only achieved by the clever design of having both dedicated flood and spot optics combined into the one bar.


Hyperspot™ is a refined optic used to focus and intensify light output. Whilst pumping a huge amount of power into a light and getting great distances down the road is all well and good, if there is no control and focus to the areas required for the human eye to see, that power is ultimately wasted. Hyperspot™ technology sends the light at amazing distances down the road while not only keeping the clarity of the beam but also controlling the beam pattern to ensure it is lighting up the correct areas on the road and not spilling light into the flood configuration’s territory.

Another upgrade to the Intensity V2 Light Bar is the LEDs, which have been changed to use OSRAM GIANTS, a large LED chip that boasts an amazing light output. OSRAM GIANTS can drive tonnes of power into the LED, pushing the Intensity V2 Light Bar’s power to 305 watts, and that’s without even maxing out the LED! This produces a massive 25,080 lumens of raw light output, which requires precision engineering to ensure the power is harnessed and used effectively.

…comes great responsibility. In order to harness the increased power, the Intensity V2 Light Bar power draw requires a new loom. The new loom needed to incorporate high-current wiring and components that were able to handle up to 30 amps. Designing this loom to handle such power meant that increased safety measures needed to be considered, especially around temperature and voltage/current requirements.
Coupled to the new Intensity V2 Light Bar loom is the two-tow pin DTP connector with updated over-moulded connector, all protected by midi fuse and spike-protected relays. Another update is the plug-and-play H4 and HB3 waterproof connectors, which ensure a smoother fit and install.

Active thermal management of the temperature created by LEDs has always been a feature of the ARB Intensity range. The powder-coated aluminium extruded body acts as a massive heat sink, maximising cooling and allowing the quick dissipation of heat from the LEDs, which keeps them running at maximum performance.

The Intensity V2 Light Bar provides an impressive 926 metres at one lux, which is a 53% increase in light performance from the previous Intensity combo bar. The flood component spreads light at a massive 40 metres across the front of your car; that’s almost half a football field wide.
But there is so much more to effective and quality light than its lux measurement. The Intensity V2 Light Bar has been updated to improve the warmness of the light output, which helps reduce eye strain over long driving periods and which in turn improves driver comfort and reduces the risk of fatigue.

With so many LED lighting options on the market, choosing the right one for your 4WD can seem daunting. Instead of confusing you with hundreds of options, ARB has designed an uncomplicated range of driving lights that perform so well, regardless of their shape or size, you can simply choose your budget range and what you think looks best on your 4WD.

We’re especially proud of the Intensity Solis driving lights which, again, are raising the bar of the technological development & quality of ARB products.



• Powder-coated aluminium extruded body with pressure die-cast end caps
• Virtually indestructible polycarbonate lens
• Hard-coated, durable polycarbonate protective cover
• 40 high output OSRAM LEDs with 50,000+ hour lifespan
• 24 Hyperspot™ and 16 high-output flood optic LEDs
• 6 degree spread for spot and 20 degree spread for flood
• 926 metres at one lux
• 25,080 raw lumens
• 21 amps at 14.4 volts
• Operating temperature of -40ºC to +63ºC (-40ºF to +145ºF)

• Gore breather
• Vibration tested to MIL810-STDG
• RoHS compliant
• Dust and waterproof to IP68 rating
• Submersible to three metres
• Over and under voltage protection
• Integrated active thermal management
• Protected against radio frequency (RFI) and electromagnetic (ETC) interference
• Deutsch DTP waterproof connector rated to IP69 specification

The Intensity V2 LED Driving Light Bar comes with a three-year warranty.

Part Number: AR40CV2

ARB Intensity Solis Dimming Switch

For ARB Intensity Solis Dimming Switch owners who do not require the dimming feature from their driving lights, ARB now has a non-dimming switch and plug-and-play patch loom. Available in either push button or rocker switch to suit your vehicle’s individual aesthetic, the Intensity Solis Switch simply snaps into an empty switch space, no cutting or drilling of the dash required. The patch loom is the only way to bypass the Intensity Solis dimming control and activating the switch operates your Intensity Solis lights at 100% brightness.