28th November, 2018


When LINX was first released, one of the most exciting features was the expandable platform it was designed on. ARB has just announced its latest update including two new modules, all at no extra cost to the user.

Monitoring the roll and pitch of a vehicle, the inclinometer module allows users to set alarms to display and sound when approaching the vehicle’s roll or pitch limit. The roll and pitch screens can be viewed separately or double tap the screen to see them together.

The LINX clock module includes a range of functions such as local and world time, date, timer, alarm and stop watch. The date and time can be manually set in the Android main setting menu or will automatically set whenever the LINX display is able to receive a GPS signal or a SIM card is inserted to connect it to a telecommunications network.

The release of these first new modules cements ARB’s reputation for product research and development. New products are always being designed and tested to bring the best user experience to the 4WD industry. This update can be downloaded via the LINX display in the settings menu when connected to the internet. Register devices at to be notified of all future updates.