From the factory, most new 4WD vehicles are tuned for comfort during on road driving. Once weight is added in the form of accessories, passengers and cargo, performance and reliability suffer, especially when road conditions deteriorate.

Old Man Emu provide quality, application specific aftermarket suspension that is designed to increase load carrying capability and improve both vehicle handling and comfort across all terrains. A range of options provides increased ground clearance to better tackle more challenging terrain, and unlike some other accessories, you’ll notice the benefits of a new suspension system every time you drive your vehicle.



Suspension systems, especially when referring to 4WDs, are extremely complex. Determining the right solution for each 4WD requires special attention to many factors, with weight being the most critical. Old Man Emu 4×4 suspension by ARB approaches this in a unique way.Instead of offering a compilation of parts that have been chosen primarily to increase the vehicle’s ride height, OME 4×4 suspension provides a range
of tuned, matched and integrated systems, each offering optimum levels of comfort, load carrying capability and control characteristics.The complete Old Man Emu suspension range incorporates more than just 4×4 shock absorbers and springs. At ARB, we take integration to the highest level with our own selection of bushes, U bolts, centre bolts, spring liners, trim packers and suspension fitting kits.



The Nissan Navara D22 is a medium sized utility vehicle suited to both commercial and recreational uses. During development, OME engineers focussed on increasing ride height, within the limitations of some factory components, and load carrying capability whilst improving comfort, control and ride quality on all surfaces.

OME engineers have developed a heavy duty torsion bar to cater for the fitment of a bull bar and winch, applications for which the lighter duty original equipment torsion bar is not suitable. A new shock was also developed, which can be used with either the original equipment or OME torsion bar. Front ride heights can be increased by adjusting the torsion bar whilst ensuring a minimum 60mm of droop is maintained.

Two rear springs with matching shocks, providing approximately 30mm of increase in ride height to match the factory rake, were developed to cater for differing loads and an XL leaf assists with fine tuning the weight carrying capacity of the vehicle. Greasable shackles with matching spring bush kits ensure ease of service and increase life of bushes.