Mount Up: Ford Ranger ARB Air Compressor Mounting Kits

16th December, 2020
CKMTA12 480

PROBLEM: Where do I mount my compressor?


Mounting compressors in modern-day vehicles has become more and more of a challenge as engine bays become tighter, leaving little room for any added accessories. With dual-cab trucks & off-road vehicles, and specifically the Ford Ranger, becoming the vehicle of choice for so many drivers, utilising the limited space throughout the vehicle to include more gear, without impacting the daily operation of the vehicle, is a challenge in its own right.



Our engineers have taken on this challenge and exceeded the scope of the brief by producing a locally fabricated bracketry solution to safely house an ARB CKSA12 or CKMA12 Single Air Compressor behind the back seat of the vehicle. Additionally, this solution allows the remote mounting of ARB Air Lockers and LINX Vehicle Accessory Interface solenoids along with the compressor, too. The intuitive design of this bracket kit provides direct access to the air hose coupling outlet and switch, which can be found to the right of the rear passenger seat as it is mounted on its own bracket (included in this kit).


This alleviates the need for lowering the back seat to access and use the compressor, which is particularly handy when the back seat is already occupied. Now the driver can simply plug their ARB air hose into the air hose coupling outlet, then flick the switch or activate pressure control on your LINX display to fire up the compressor and conveniently utilise its air supply.

While the air compressor and its associated equipment is safely stored behind the seat, access to this cavity remains the same and continues to provide the driver with additional storage space if required without any interruption to the operation of the compressor.


Part Number: 3540320



Contact your local ARB dealer for pricing and availability.