28th December, 2020


Bumpers, side rails, differential covers, and skid plates do more than just provide an aggressive look to your 4WD. They also enhance the durability of your rig by protecting crucial components against animal strikes and trail terrain. Protection equipment should be viewed as an investment; choosing parts from a reputable off-road company is important. ARB’s full line of Protection Equipment will defend components such as your radiator, rocker panels, oil pan, transmission, and many others. It is very important to protect your investment to ensure its performance is up to par.

ARB Protection Equipment with the satin finish, should be treated with a Carnauba based polish prior to exposure to the elements. It is also recommended that this is performed every six months or following exposure to salt, mud, sand, or other contaminants. The Carnauba polish will keep your protection equipment from fading and discolouring while also protecting it from the elements.



  • Clean your protection item with a mild car detergent. Make sure to remove all bug and tar build up. Wipe dry with a clean cloth or air dry with an air compressor.
  • Using a Carnauba based polish and an applicator pad, apply to all exposed steel surfaces in a swirl motion. Repeat this until the entire surface is hazy.
  • Using a clean, microfiber cloth, buff in a swirl motion until clean.

Just like suspension, protection components are always being put to the test. It is important to ensure that the hardware securing them is always torqued. Add re-torquing your protection equipment to your pre-trip preparation and annual maintenance. This service can also be performed by an authorized ARB dealer.

When off-road, you’re bound to add additional trail rash to your 4WD. It’s just a part of the sport, but each scar tells a story. After each trip and on a six-month basis, fill these scratches and chips with touch up paint to prevent rust.

Following these steps will prolong the life of the product by preventing future rust and corrosion.


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