Controlling Arm: OME UCA Range

2nd December, 2020
ME arms pic 1096

Old Man Emu is pleased to release front upper control arms for a range of popular 4WDs. When an IFS (independent front suspension) vehicle is fitted with a suspension lift, the original caster and camber results can be pushed outside the factory adjustment settings. IFS vehicles generally have a few degrees of adjustment in their camber and caster from factory. Adding an OME upper control arm brings the alignment cams back into an acceptable range for both caster and camber adjustment.


  • Forged ball joint housing and eyelets
  • Heavy-duty greaseable ball joint
  • OME ball joint protective cap
  • Increased camber and caster for
  • 50-millimetre lift
  • Mount provision for OE ABS wires
  • Finished in ARB’s Integrit powder-coat finish


  • Ford Ranger 2011 on
  • Mazda BT-50 2011 on
  • Toyota HiLux 2005 on
  • Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series 2007 on
  • Toyota Prado 120
  • Toyota Prado 150
  • Toyota Tacoma 2005 on

Contact your local ARB dealer for pricing and availability.